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Hi! I'm Marlyn
UX & Product Designer | Entrepeneur | Artist & Travel Addicted

I am a dreamer, who has often wondered if I am living on the right planet.

And so this is my story: 

Forget your past, live in the present and don't worry about the future. You build the future today.


Live without prejudices, help others to be successful and don't stop dreaming.


Travel, travel & travel.

Travel   chage the way you think.

Marlyn Hosking

Since I was 5 years old I wanted to be an architect but I also felt a dilemma because I wanted to be a fashion designer as well.


So I graduated as an architect and I created MH Design, my personal brand as an accessories designer. I have a passion for home decor, fashion and lifestyle.  I left my country, not because I wanted to, but because life had other plans for me. I worked in New York with some fashion houses, I fell in love, I fell out of love and I fell in love again. Being an immigrant from such a small island and coming to a cosmopolitan city taught me a lot of things, it made me see life from another point of view. I have fallen many times and but even then I became more strong.


Business lover, creator, artist and someone who believes plenty of small details make the difference.  I confess to being addicted to the development of new ideas, my brain is like a bee that never rests, always ready for new challenges, in fact, I am not afraid of challenges even if I am shaking inside. I know that I am here in this world to fulfill a purpose that I will discover on the way.


As a woman I am an eternal romantic but not silly, life has also given me many blows, but the big blows have led me to be the best version of myself. Why have a mask when we talk about ourselves? Our most vulnerable side is that which makes us better people, makes us love, respect ourselves and respect those who deserve respect.


My Inspiration: Architecture

My Guide: God

One Animal: The Eagle

One Place: The Beach

What Do I Enjoy?: Design, Writing & Reading

My Lema: Happiness is a Choice

My daily words: Every day Step by Step

A place where Creativity, Lifestyle, Inspiration and Business come together…

Looking to renew myself, every day is a challenge for me, but it makes Me Happy. I love to write, design products, inspire and help others, but I didn't know how to fix all my passions and curiosity into one place. This is how Mint & Honey emerged.


Life is the place to be creative, to develop something, to dream, to believe, to raise your voice and make something that makes you feel delightful to inspire others. Life is fresh and sweet and it is a divine gift from God.


Mint & Honey, it comes with experiences that made me grow as a woman, professional and human being, and I keep growing too, experiences that I would like to share with others, to create an impact and to be a better human being.


All of us have a purpose in this life, it’s just a matter of time in order to start discovering it, but before we do, we have to work as hard as a baby bee to be the future Queen of our life.  I want to be an inspiration for other women, these woman looking for the constant renovation, even care what the world can think. We have to stop living based on what the world wants to see from us, and start to live based on what we want to show in the world.


Be Mint & Honey, it is the same to be lovely and grateful.  Life is too short to not practice happiness. Happiness starts from ourselves, happiness is the best gift that we can ever have, however it is the greatest challenge.



What things do you do, to find your happiness?



My Life Purpose

"You don't need anybody to make you happy, you are responsible for your own happiness". 

MH. Marlyn Hosking




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