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Let's design your next destination

Design and creativity are part of my life, as the love of traveling too. So, why not combine those passions?  I was working for over  5 years in the hospitality industry as a travel agent for important companies, those years that I spent there, it gave me the experience to plan memorable vacations for a lot of client and friends. 


I enjoy designing itinerary and activities. I designed and organize a complete vacation plan from friends and client based on their needs as for where to stay, places to visit, eat and more.  


The fact that my clients and friends take into my recommendations, it is very special for me and I really enjoy. When I'm not traveling, I’m traveling through them.


 I’m not a travel agent, I am someone who likes to travel and like to design a memorable experience of your vacations. 


Traveling should be a pleasure, not a headache. Let design your next vacation.

Traveling should be a pleasure, not a headache 

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Write me an email if jut want some recommendations :)

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