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7 Easy Ways to Clean your unhealthy body

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Take care your body. In this post, I give you my 7 Easy ways to clean your body after parties, summer is here and we have a lot of BBQ, camping, beach parties and much more.


Start your week positive and firm in a decision to keep your body healthy, after parties or long weekends, don't be lazy and take care of yourself. Your body is your first priority you have to take care of it, take a moment by yourself and breath a couples of times that helps oxygen your brain and regulates the heart rate.

Skip the Coffee I know the life taste better with a couples of coffee, but spend the next few mornings coffee free. I know is not easy if you are a coffee lover but it's necessary, try to drink tea without caffeine for one week, ginger and green tea. Just one cup helps to speed up liver activity.

Drink Water with Lemon or other fruits Water is life and helps you immune system and your intestines. Focus on downing six to eight glasses of water daily. Add a lemon or orange slice for vitamin C to burn fat and decrease inflammation.

Get Your Fiber Fix After over-indulging, you need to get your digestive system back on track, and fiber will do just that. Start with a high fiber breakfast, such as oatmeal or almond butter toast, to regulate the system and fill you up.

Give Your Muscles Some TLC Feeling a little stiff? Add just five minutes of stretches to your morning routine to open up. take advantage when you are in bed and stretch your body for few minutes. Get out the bed and do some cardio or keep practicing your favorite sport.

Break Up With Sugar Skip the sweets and processed foods (which can pack in hidden sugars) in favor of veggies, fruit and whole grains.

Healthy Mind - Healthy Body

Time to take back your favorite sport, book or activities. Focus in something you like or you would like to do, you will feel more freedom, positive and energetic, take time and spend in yourself. Remember balance is a key to be more happy.

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