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Why do you need feet if you can fly?

Happiness always lives in your heart, you decide what you want and how you want to make yourself happy. Start to forget what the world can think, live without prejudices and feel freedom, because at the end of each day only you are responsible for your own happiness…


La felicidad siempre vive en tu corazón, tú decides lo que quieres y cómo quieres ser feliz. Empieza a olvidar lo que el mundo puede pensar, vive sin prejuicios y siente la libertad, porque al final de cada día solo tu eres responsable de tu propia felicidad ...



 As entrepreneur woman and latina, languages are not the obstacle to communicate with my community, this is the reason you can find English and Spanish article in one place. In this site, I will talk about lifestyle, inspiration, professional and personal adventures.



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Marlyn Hosking

Business lover, creative, artist and someone who believes 

plenty of small details makes the difference.  I confess to being addicted to the development of new ideas. I know that I am here in this world to fulfill a purpose that I will discover on the way.


I declare myself addicted to travel and fly around the world.

Creativity is my language, Innovation my art.

Let me help you with some design support, marketing ideas or just only planning your trip


I like to help brands, entrepreneurs, and companies solve-problems and communicate their insights, by telling a story with a beautiful image, where the user will both enjoy and remember a website or app. We are committed to creating the best user experience, which allows connecting with your audience through a beautiful, elegant and easy to use digital product.

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